Today’s Metal Prices

Regularly Updated Precious Metal Prices

Daily metal prices will be updated on our website on regular business days. London Gold PM Fix and PMSI Gold Base and Fab pricing will be posted by approximately 11 am. London Silver Fix and PMSI Silver Base and Fab will be posted by approximately 11 am the following business day. Handy & Harman Silver Base price will be posted by approximately 1:30 pm. The COMEX close and PMSI Silver pricing will be posted by approximately 2:30 pm.

Prices last updated:

October 3, 2023 2:33 P.M.

PMSI Silver Base$21.245
PMSI Silver Fab$25.494
PMSI Gold Base$1826.20
PMSI Conflict Free Gold Base*$1827.46
PMSI Gold Fab$1960.39
London Gold PM FIX$1822.45
London Platinum PM FiX$881.00
London Palladium PM FiX$1183.00
Platinum Bullion$887.00
Palladium Bullion$1195.00
Rhodium bullion$4,200.00
H & H Silver Base$21.231
Comex Close (CME)$21.178
EIB Silver Base$21.200
London Silver Fix$21.055