Financing Solutions for Your Precious Metal Business


Precious Metal sales is the most willing provider of precious metals to offer both creative and flexible financing solutions to meet your business challenges. To that end, we are fortunate that we classically work in industries that have ongoing consumption of metals. This allows us to establish relationships and become comfortable with companies, their ownership and gain a deeper understanding of the organization. When you have the ability to forge those relationships you can be more creative. PMSI hands down is the most willing to explore term options out to 90 days on the purchase of metals. With an industry standard of Net 10 and a long industry term of Net 30, we are willing to look out further on a case by case basis. How creative is your current precious metal provider? Will they look for solutions to help create cash flow or free up cash? Will they look for ways to help extend your credit lines to help support your business growth? When you need a little more time on your invoice can you call them and work out extra terms? At PM Sales the principals are very involved extending terms and managing receivables. If you remember the days of ‘character lending” with banks, in many cases we operate on similar principals. While precious metals are in many cases commodities a relationship with a supplier that is willing to invest in a relationship and work with you when you need it the most is invaluable. Give us a call, and lets together investigate solutions around your precious metal program to help solve your business challenges.


Many times in business opportunities present themselves but the needed cash or credit to capitalize on that opportunity may not be readily available and the opportunity is lost. On a select basis we offer a product that is known in the industry as a consignment. We call this our PMSI Metal Rental program. As a business operator you tie up an immense amount of cash in your tanks. This program essentially buys the metal in your tank and we rent it back to you. This can make available the cash that you need to capitalize on your next opportunity. The program is straight forward and as much based on relationships and trust as it is the finer points of the implementation. If you think this is a fit for you or you would like to learn more please reach out.


PM Sales has proudly been a supplier of precious metals to industry for over 30 years. PM Sales both manufactures and distributes precious metals mainly in surface finishing or alloy spaces. As a result of our role in the industry we have formed lasting relationships with a select group of refiners to meet our needs. Over time customers have asked us to help them manage their refining programs using our contacts. Using our experience we may reach out to a certain refiner for solutions or a different one for a specialty burnable or wire. The net is, different refiners are better at different things. If you have refining that you need brokered let us know, if we can add value we are glad to help.


PM Sales is a proud distributor of the Gold Bug systems and offers a simple Gold refining program for Gold Bugs. $200 Flat Fee, high return percentage plus shipping all done inside of 2 weeks. What is better is, if you’re an existing Potassium Gold Cyanide customer in good standing we will front you PGC against your cathode helping with cash outlay to replenish your Gold tank. Give us a shot and you want be disappointed with the ease and simplicity of our program.

Using an extremely high surface area cathode, the Gold Bug is small enough to fit into the small drag-out tanks and powerful enough to recover large tanks of concentrated cyanide strip solutions.

PM Sales Incorporated

The Problem…

  • Steady loss of precious metals through rinsewaters, strip solutions, spent plating baths and surprisingly, ion-exchange resin colums
  • Lack of accountability, both in house and with outside refiners
  • The cumbersome techniques of converting recovered precious metals back to productive and/or liquid assets
  • Presence of heavy metals in waste streams
  • Removing dissolved metals from stagnant solutions

The Solution…

The Gold Bug® System
The most efficient and cost effective electrolytic recovery system ever.

The Gold Bug® is used very successfully with all of the precious metals including silver, palladium, palladium-nickel, platinum, rhodium and iridium. Various types of solutions of copper, cadmium, tin, tin-lead have all been successfully treated to concentrations of less than 5ppm with the Gold Bug®. Undetectable levels are sometimes possible to obtain.


Example: 250 liters of solution @ 20 A

*Actual test data and graphs supplied courtesy Engelhard-CLAL Corp

The Gold Bug® is able to bring relatively large volumes of solution with concentrations of metals all over the spectrum to environmental compliance levels in many cases. This is done quickly and inexpensively. In fact, do not let the price fool you. With confidence, we invite you to try it on us and match it against any other system available. Use it for thirty days and send it back if you are not satisfied. That is our guarantee!

The GOLD BUG registered trademark is the property of PRECIOUS METALS PROCESSING CONSULTANTS, INC.