The Gold Standard in the Precious Metal Industry

Our Products and Services

We manufacture and distribute precious metals, precious metal chemistry and ancillary products, throughout North America and beyond. Our products meet or exceed the industry standards, offer the best pricing for their value and, once we understand your consumption patterns, our inventory management process helps you optimize on hand material and reduce cost.

  • Potassium Cyanide
  • Gold Grain
  • Chlorides
  • Silver Anodes
  • Silver Salts
  • Silver Oxides
  • Palladium Sulfate or Chloride
  • Platinum Salts or Rodium


  • Both Metalor & Uyemura Chemistry
  • Portfolio
  • Refining Brokerage
  • Financing Solutions


  • Precious metal refining services
  • Hedging and pricing options available

At PM Sales Incorporated, we are committed to both manufacturing and distributing high-quality metal, salts, compounds and chemistries. We match our product line with the most liberal in house financing options industry wide and the best customer service on the planet. Alloy or surface finishing applications in captive, contract or job shops - For more than 30 years, we have serviced industries involved in:

  • Aerospace/ Defense
  • Appliance
  • Decorative / Jewelry
  • Electronics / Circuit Boards / Semiconductors
  • Wire Manufacturing
  • Oil, Gas & Energy
  • Construction, Hardware and Pluming
  • Medical

PMSI Mission & Quality Statement.

PRECIOUS METAL SALES INC recognizes the disciplines of quality, health/safety and environmental management are an integral part of our company. Our environment supports the charge that we can always improve. Most central to our mission is the understanding of the role our customers play in our business. At Precious Metal Sales we believe…

  • You are the most important person in our business.
  • You are not dependent on us, we are dependent on you.
  • You are not an interruption of our work, you are the purpose for it.
  • You do us a favor when you use us, we are not doing you a favor by serving you.
  • You come to us with your needs, it is our job to fulfill them.
  • You pay our salaries…without you we would have to close our doors.
  • You deserve the most courteous attention we can give.

Let us take this moment to say,

“Thank you!”

Tony Luccaro Sr and Jr.


Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Due diligence policy

Beyond the legal requirements regarding money laundering, Precious Metal Sales Inc (PM Sales Inc / PMSI) adheres to the highest standard of ethical conduct and sourcing of precious metal materials.  Without exception, we do not source material from conflict areas of the world.  We require that every company we engage in a business dealing for the sale or purchase of precious metals, has a current AML statement on file.  We require that you respect our policy in your business dealings with us, and by engaging in business with us, certify that you will comply with such policy.

If you have any questions regarding due diligence policy or its implementation, please contact our Compliance Officer at our main office.

Contact Us

If you’re making an alloy, plating in a reel to reel, rack, barrel or brush application or working on a more exotic precious metal project, we have the products that suit your needs or will help locate what you need. If you require our products or services, please contact us via the link below to get started. Thanks in advance for the opportunity!